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Lissie: Rockwood Music Hall 2018

Lissie at Rockwood Music Hall (photo by Gus Philippas)

Lissie at Rockwood Music Hall (photo by Gus Philippas)



Lissie is a rock singer with a powerful and evocative voice — and she made a big impression with her 2010 debut album, Catching A Tiger, which included her first hit, "In Sleep." Her songwriting has always struck a delicate balance between looking inward and outward, which is especially resonant in 2018. 

The release of her fourth album, Castles, prompted this intimate FUV Live show at Rockwood Music Hall. Lissie also chatted with me about a variety of things, like odd myths about herself, Mr. Spock, and more.

  • Hero
  • Blood & Muscle
  • Love Blows
  • Boyfriend
  • Crazy Girl
  • Peace
  • Everywhere I Go
  • Best Days
  • In Sleep
  • Meet Me in the Mystery
[recorded 2/28/18]