Lieberman Delivers Farewell Speech to Senate

by Jeff Coltin | 12/12/2012 | 4:12pm

Lieberman Delivers Farewell Speech to Senate

The CT Senator is set to retire at the end of this legislative session.

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman gave an inspired farewell speech on the Senate floor this afternoon.  It was the Independent's last speech before he retires at the end of this legislative session. 

Among his final goodbyes, Lieberman called on his fellow leaders to end the dysfunction in Washington, saying, "It's the partisan polarization of our politics which prevents us from making the principled compromises on which progress in a Democracy depends."
Lieberman was very involved in international affairs in the Senate, serving on the Armed Services Committee and chairing the Homeland Security Committee.  He asked his colleagues to stay engaged in world affairs, saying, "Prosperity, security, and freedom of the American people depend more than ever before on what's happening in the rest of the world. And so too does the rest of the world depend especially on us."
Lieberman has served in the Senate since 1988. He is on a farewell tour across Connecticut this week thanking and meeting with many of his constituents from his 24 years of service. 
He said it had been his dream to be a US Senator since he clerked there 50 years ago. 


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