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LG's Plans for New Headquarters in NJ Raises Concern

LG's Plans for New Headquarters in NJ Raises Concern
Environmental groups and elected officials are pushing LG Electronics to redesign their new headquarters.

Elected officials and environmental groups in New York and New Jersey say the majestic Palisades, along the Hudson River, are in jeopardy.  

LG Electronics plans to build a nearly 150 foot headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Officials says the building would scar the landscape.

A judge ruled in favor of the South Korean company allowing it to build above the thirty-five foot maximum height restriction.

New York State Senator Jeff Klein said he fears for the future of the Palisades. "This is gonna create a slippery slope. Other developers will come in, other individuals, hoping to build skyscrapers and towers, thus destroying the rest of the Palisades."

New York Congressman Eliot Engel agreed. He said the building will be an eyesore, and it's all about corporate greed. "If LG gets away with this, you're going to have dozens of companies coming and doing it because once you change it, once you break the mold, where does it all end?"

Vice President of Public Affairs for LG, John Taylor, said it's too late in the process to redesign the building. And, the new headquarters will bring several benefits. "We're not gonna be deterred by these groups that are basically a vocal minority of New Yorkers, who just are not interested in the economic well-being of New Jersey, the economic benefits of this project, and the fact it'll create all these construction jobs."

Opponents of the construction said if a court appeal doesn't go through, they'll engage Governor Cuomo. And, if necessary, they'll boycott LG products.