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Lea Delaria: 2016

Lea Delaria and Rita Houston at WFUV

Lea Delaria and Rita Houston at WFUV



When I sat down with Lea Delaria for this conversation back in December we had no idea it would become a tribute to David Bowie, but as the saying goes, the music lives on.

Lea Delaria's most recent album, House of David, is a collection of Bowie songs artistically and lovingly reworked in a jazz style. These songs bring a whole new look to the Bowie catalog and Lea's voice shines throughout. 

In our conversation, there is much talk of Bowie songs, jazz, New York City back-in-the-day, Orange is The New Black, and of course, a few good laughs with this jazz singer, actress and comedian.

[recorded: 12/3/15]