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Krystle Warren: 2018

Krystal Warren (photo by Matthew Placek, from PR)

Krystal Warren (photo by Matthew Placek, from PR)



Krystle Warren was born and raised in Kansas City, home of kegendary jazz and blues figures such as Count Basie, Jay McShann, and Charlie Parker. She spent five years in New York City before moving to Paris, where what was expected to be a temporary stay has stretched into something permanent. As an African-American living in  Paris, she has an interesting perspective on race and culture, both in the U.S. and France. Coming to WFUV, she spoke frankly and sang soulfully from her new album, Three the Hard Way.

It was her voice and songs that first appealed to me, but after our time in the studio, I felt a much deeper connection than I expected, given our very different backgrounds. Allow me to introduce you to a very special artist.

[Recorded 1/19/18]