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Keeping Cool in Sprinkler Parks

Keeping Cool in Sprinkler Parks
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South Bronx kids beat the heatwave in Macombs Dam Park.

It is almost 90 degrees and there is no shade in sight, but these bathing-suit clad kids remain unperterbed by the heat.  They are running, jumping and climbing without breaking a sweat, thanks to the water jets at Macombs Dam Park across from Yankee Stadium.  The park has huge grass ball fields and a multicolored jungle gym, but on days like this the sprinklers are obviously the main attraction.

A few mothers and nannies, including resident Quanya Williams, watch from a bench near the park entrance.

"We come to this one often.  This is our preferred park.  It's safe."

She lives near by and has twins - Rodney and Jordan - who love it here.

"I like to be in the water!" yells Jordan.

"Water's my favorite!" her brother chimes in.

Parents say these parks are a good way to keep kids active and entertained, all while staying cool in the intense summer heat.  There are dozens of sprinkler parks across all five boroughs; for more information visit the NYC Parks Department website.