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John Moreland: 2017

John Moreland with John Calvin Abney at WFUV

John Moreland with John Calvin Abney at WFUV (photo by Kristal Ho)



Although he was born in Texas, John Moreland's family moved several times throughout the Midwest. He grew up in Kentucky, but later spent his teens in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As he reached his early teens, he took up guitar and within a couple of years he was writing songs and playing in local bands. 

Moreland was initially attracted to extreme metal and hardcore punk, but upon hearing Steve Earle's song "Rich Man's War," he switched gears and drifted towards folk, becoming a singer songwriter. His new album is a powerful piece of Americana, called Big Bad Luv.

Moreland's fans already know of his considerable musical skills, but anyone new to his music can hear some "big bad luv" from our Studio A in this FUV Live session.

[recorded: 6/5/17]