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Joe Biden Delivers Scathing Remarks on President Trump...

Joe Biden Delivering Speech

Brianna Lyman, WFUV News


Presidential Candidate Joe Biden was expected to take the stage Thursday to discuss his foreign policy initiatives as president. Instead, Biden spent the better part of his speech slamming President Trump’s foreign policy actions.


The former Vice President criticized Trump’s policy of “America First,” saying it quickly leads to “America Alone.” He said rather than alienating our allies, creating a “global summit for democracy” would allow the United States to lead the way to peace while re-establishing our presence on the world stage. 


Biden said that it is crucial the United States be active in the international sphere, noting that the only way to stop China’s “abusive behaviors” is through international coalitions. This comes after the former Vice President was scrutinized for his ill-informed comment that China was “not competition for us.”


“We need to get tough with China,” Biden said during his speech at the CUNY Graduate Center. “If China has its way its gonna keep moving and robbing US firms of our technology, intellectual property, and forcing American companies to give it away.” 


Biden also suggested the president’s relationship with North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un is a threat to all Americans, concerns grow over whether or not North Korea’s nuclear capability is expanding. He said the President has fallen “in love with a murderous dictator in North Korea.”


While concerns over North Korea’s nuclear capacity continue, Biden vows to reinstate the Iran Nuclear Deal. Biden said that there’s no way of knowing now what capacity Iran has after President Trump withdrew from the agreement. 


"The historic Iran Nuclear Deal that we negotiated blocked Iran from gaining Nuclear weapons, with inspectors on the ground, international inspectors confirming the agreement was being kept."  


Under the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran does not have to submit to International Atomic Energy Agency inspections and can delay inspections of military sites and facilities for up to 24 hours. This caused concern as opponents argued Iran would have ample time to hide evidence of nuclear capabilities. 


It comes as no surprise that Biden would attack Trump’s foreign policy initiatives as Trump has undone Obama-Biden era policies on which Biden was crucial in constructing. 


Biden’s speech highlights a growing sentiment woven throughout 2020 Presidential campaigns- undo whatever Trump has done.