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Jersey Beach Replenishment Project to Begin This Summer

Jersey Beach Replenishment Project to Begin This Summer
The Army Corps of Engineers plans to start the world's biggest beach replenishment project this summer.

Tourists and residents of the Jersey Shore may be in for a rare spectacle this summer as beach nourishment projects get underway.

Over one hundred million dollars of the Sandy relief fund is going towards replenishing Monmouth County's beaches. The process involves pumping thousands of pounds of sand from the ocean floor six miles off the coast onto the shoreline. The process will fix damage to the beach caused by Sandy, but will also make up for years of sand erosion. A few extra feet of beach can make a big difference, says Monmouth Beach Mayor Susan Howard.

"The purpose of the beach replenishment is fundamentally to protect our infrastructure."

Bigger beaches mean more of a barrier against storms like Sandy, and could result in less instances of damaging floods.  Beaches will be sectioned off during the process, but not closed.  Mayor Howard encourages tourists to visit as the usually would.

"We're gonna all be ready to welcome you back.  We may not look the same, but we need you to help us get there."

The Army Corps of Engineers expects the beach replenishment to be completely finished by early next year.