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Jeremy Aaron and Bethlehem & Sad Patrick: 2018

Patrick Arkins, Bethlehem Roberson, John Platt, Jeremy Aaron (WFUV Photo by Jeremy Rainer)

Patrick Arkins, Bethlehem Roberson, "Sunday Supper" host John Platt, Jeremy Aaron (WFUV Photo by Jeremy Rainer)



In advance of the May 8, 2018 "On Your Radar" at Rockwood Music Hall, I invited two of the scheduled artists to WFUV for a session, and they were a perfect reflection of the exciting and diverse talent that the series is designed to showcase.

Bethlehem and Sad Patrick are a dynamic duo from Philadelphia who met at an open mic. While Patrick supplies the songs (drawing, he says, on "blues and jazz, love and heartbreak"), Bethlehem is the singer, inhabiting them with her deeply soulful vocals and percussion.

Jeremy Aaron is an Oberlin-educated singer, songwriter, guitarist, and violinist from New York City. He was a member of the popular, now-dispersed Americana band, Spuyten Duyvil, but the music he makes on his solo debut, In the Magic Light, is well-crafted contemporary folk, sung in a powerful style reminiscent of Tim Buckley.

Enjoy an introduction to these noteworthy emerging artists.