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Hunting to Redeem Lost Momentum, Quinn Publishes Policy Book

Hunting to Redeem Lost Momentum, Quinn Publishes Policy Book
Expert: Run-off expected; Bill Thompson has "really good shot."

Transient and conflicting polling analytics aside, Christine Quinn — at one time, a clear frontrunner in New York City’s mayoral race — has lost the momentum that was once her greatest asset both on the streets and in the press.

Now, in an effort to grab some needed attention, the City Council Speaker’s campaign team has released a policy book, entitled “Forward Together: A Record of Results. A Plan for New York City.”

The 63-page book plainly focuses on a number of key issues, including: housing, education, economic development, transportation and civil rights. Each section of the book is broken into two sections: what Quinn has already done and what Quinn plans to do as mayor.

For example, in the section labeled public safety, Quinn touts that she has “preserved funding to prevent 1,700 police officers from being taken off the streets” and “negotiated an agreement with the NYPD to increase transparency.” Her future plans include purchasing 1,000 new mobile surveillance cameras and hiring 1,600 additional police officers.

“Whether its on your smartphone, laptop or coffee table, we want to make sure all New Yorkers have access to my plan for the City,” Quinn said in a statement.

Democratic competitors Anthony Weiner and Bill de Blasio have also published policy books.

Christina Greer, an assistant professor of political science at Fordham University, says it is a good time for Quinn to make her policy points clear because she believes Weiner is beginning to capture Quinn’s voter base.

“The issue is that the more she speaks, the fewer people like her,” Greer said by telephone. “She loses them when she talks.”

Greer expects to see a run-off among the Democratic candidates, and projects that it could come down to Weiner and Bill Thompson. She says that supporters of John Liu and de Blasio would likely vote for Thompson.

“If Thompson can make it past September 10, I think he’s got a really good shot,” Greer said.