How to help the victims of the Maui wildfires

Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Image Caption: Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
by Jay Doherty | 08/17/2023 | 5:45pm

The blaze that devastated Hawaii is considered the deadliest US wildfire in over 100 years. The fires are contained, but residents are still dealing with the destruction.

Here is a list of organizations providing assistance.

  1. Hawaii Community Foundation - Supporting various charitable initiatives, including disaster response and recovery efforts, to address the immediate and long-term needs of affected communities.
  2. Aina Mo'ona - A community-based organization dedicated to promoting food security and sustainability in Maui, helping to provide nourishing meals during crises.
  3. Maui Rapid Response -  Engaged in swift disaster response efforts, offering assistance and support to affected individuals and communities in Maui.
  4. Maui Mutual Aid - A grassroots movement that facilitates community support, resources, and aid distribution during challenging times in Maui.
  5. Maui United Way -  Collaborating with various community organizations to provide assistance and resources to those in need during times of crisis, including disaster relief efforts.
  6. Maui Food Bank - Focusing on providing food assistance to those affected by disasters and emergencies in Maui, ensuring access to essential meals.
  7. Maui Humane Society - Providing shelter and care for animals affected by the situation, ensuring their safety and well-being during crises.

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