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Haiti: An Island in Need

Homes in Haiti sumberged under water after Hurricane Matthew. 
Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia


Earlier this month, Hurricane Matthew tore through the southern coast of Haiti leaving over 1,000 dead. It’s now up to relief groups to help Haitians recover; one of these groups is Americare. They have been on the ground since the category four storm hit. In that time they have been supplying food, medicine and water to the affected. But there are still a lot of people who need help.

“For the next few weeks people will be living or dying depending on how well the response goes, and a lot of that depends on resources. So I’m hoping people will pay attention and participate, because it’s really a life or death situation right now,” said Americare’s Vice President for Emergency Response, Garrett Ingoglia.

One way people can help from home is by going to: