Glen Hansard - Words and Music - 2012

Conor Masterson
by Claudia Marshall | 06/28/2012 | 3:00pm

Tonight at 9pm on Words and Music: From The Frames, The Swell Season and 'Once'... Glen Hansard steps out with his first solo album.

Glen Hansard is almost too many things to fit into one package: singer-songwriter and guitarist in The Frames and The Swell Season, actor in The Commitments and Once, and Oscar-winning composer for the tune "Falling Slowly"—to name a few. But Hansard has just put out his first-ever solo album, Rhythm and Repose, and it's a beauty. He's also been spending more time in New York City, and ahead of his big Beacon Theatre show, Glen made a return trip to FUV to talk about his latest adventures and songs.

[recorded: 06/13/12]

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