FUV FC: (March) Madness in the World of Soccer

In what may be the longest FUV FC podcast in history, Keenan Troy, Nick Guzman and James Birle sit down and discuss every relevant story line in the beautiful game. Recapping the final four Champions League Round of 16 matches, the gents commend some triumphant performances from Villareal and Benfica and wonder what comes next for European giants Juventus and Manchester United who both were bounced from the competition this week. Speculation begins when the crew considers what will happen to a Chelsea football club that currently has no owner and exactly how the Premier League title race will shake out as Liverpool and Manchester City are now separated by a lone point.

The USMNT die-hards already have their hearts in their throats as the last CONCACAF World Cup qualifying match week begins in only 7 days. Only teasing what is to come in next week's episode, Keenan, Nick, and James get everyone ready for what are the biggest 3 games in USMNT history (or at least the last 4 years).

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