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FUV '80s Dance Party

FUV '80s Dance Party

FUV '80s Dance Party (photo by Miguel Mendez, courtesy of Wikimedia and Creative Commons)


What was your '80s dance jam? Did you have true faith in New Order, fight for your right to party with the Beastie Boys, or discover your pleasure principle via Janet Jackson? And how bad was your hair back then? (You can 'fess up to that mullet, we won't judge.)

We've got a pretty big range, so we threw a FUV '80s Dance Party on Friday, May 31 on Long Island, at the Tilles Center at LIU Post. It was a benefit event for WFUV, and FUV DJs Eric Holland and Russ Borris spun those neon-bright tunes.

If you loved it -- or in case you missed it --  Russ came up with an '80s Spotify playlist below, from Salt-N-Pepa to Devo to Madonna.


#FUV80sDanceParty (Spotify playlist compiled by FUV's Russ Borris)