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Free Compliment Dispenser Comes to Manhattan this Weekend

Free Compliment Dispenser Comes to Manhattan this Weekend
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There's a new gumball machine under the High Line -- but it's dishing out compliments instead of candy.

Carol Pessin used the compliment dispenser on 14th Street and got a kick out of the compliment she received from the machine.

"That outfit rocks," she read. "That is my word.  I always say 'you rock, that one rocks.' And I'm 70 and I rock, too."

The compliment dispenser is the work of artist Leah Harper.

"I just think it's fun, it's kind of quirky," said Harper.

It’s part of the Art in Odd Places festival. Harper said she got the idea for the dispenser from the theme of the art festival - "FREE."

"I came up with 'complimentary' meaning 'free,' and then I was thinking of the play on words, 'complimentary compliments," she said.

Harper asked for people to submit ideas for compliments online. She said she got about 400, and they’re still rolling in. Aside from "that outfit rocks," some others include:

"I love you in all your messiness."

"You are a wonderful and generous person."

The complement dispenser will be on display until October 12.