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Fordham Conversations: Thanksgiving Stress

Fordham Conversations: Thanksgiving Stress
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Sometimes it can be hard to be thankful when the stress of creating the perfect holiday gets in the way.
This week, we have stories about why people stress out during Thanksgiving, and how to make it run more smoothly. Mary Clingman from the Butterball Hotline shares her experience as a turkey expert and some of the stories she's heard from stressed out callers as they prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Then, Fordham University history professor Dr. Steven Stoll talks about the first Thanksgiving and why people had reason to be stressed. Finally, Bill Schermerhorn (creative director of the Macy's Parade) explains how to pull off a treasure holiday tradition that gets bigger and bigger each year. 
Music featured in the show in order of appearance:
The Ecstasy of Dancing Fleas - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
The Thanksgiving Song - Adam Sandler