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Fordham Conversations: Making the Future Happen

Fordham Conversations: Making the Future Happen
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3D Printing, Virtual Reality, and Smart Cities are the focus of this week's Science Fair themed show.
The technology of the future is happening right now and this week on Fordham Conversations, Chris Williams hosts a "science fair" themed show that highlights innovations in technology. 
Senior Producer Alen Kanlic talks 3D printing with Fordham University assistant professor Stephen Holler. 
Then, Chris Williams explores applications of virtual reality with developers and enthusiasts in the field. 
And finally, Cityscape's Veronica Volk finds out about "smart cities" and how we can use technology to solve NYC's problems with author Anthony Townsend and independent developer/VP of a digital advertising firm Will Turnage.
Music Heard On the Show:
Weird Science - Oingo Boing
Digital Witness - St. Vincent