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Fordham Conversations: Green Architecture and PlaNYC

Fordham Conversations: Green Architecture and PlaNYC
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Are energy efficient buildings feasible for Manhattan?

Mayor Bloombergs PlaNYC 2030 campaign aims to revitalize New York's aging metropolis into a good and green city.

Part of the plan is to create environementally sustainable buildings; structures that demand less energy than they are currently sucking in. To frame the challenges of PlanNYC, WFUV's Kris Venezia spoke with Fordham Professor Colin Cathcart. Cathcart, who has worked on urban projects from Brooklyn to the Bronx, sheds light on the notion that eco-friendly buildings aren't far from being fully implemented.

Venezia later spoke with Frodham Professor Christopher Stienon. He's the Principal of Urban Matrix, an architecture firm that focuses on urban design. Together, Venezia and Stienon talk about designing the Willets Point redevelopment project next to the Mets Stadium and the feasibillity of Bloomberg's PlaNYC campaign.