Fantastic Negrito: 2016

Fantastic Negrito at WFUV

Image Caption: Fantastic Negrito at WFUV
by Rita Houston | 06/16/2023 | 5:23pm

After 17 years as a major label R&B artist, Xavier Dphrepaulezz, who records as Fantastic Negrito, seemingly left the music business for good in 2007, and went home to Oakland. He returned to the scene two years ago with a self-titled EP, playing what he calls “black roots music for everyone.”

He released an album this year called Last Days of Oakland, which tackles issues of race, classism and other socioeconomic problems he’s seen firsthand. He’s got quite a story of life and music to share as he joins us here at WFUV.

[recorded: 6/24/16]

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