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Fairway Market in Red Hook Brooklyn Reopens

Local businesses say they're happy to see the market back in business.

The Fairway Market in Red Hook Brooklyn reopens today for the first time since Superstorm Sandy.

Up and down Van Brunt Street where the market is located, local businesses are still making repairs from the storm.

The Fairway Market has been closed for almost four months.

Local business owners, like Susan Povich who co-owns the Red Hook Lobster Pound, say it's one of the main reasons people travel to Red Hook.

The only thing that kept this place going in the winter was people coming down to Fairway," she said, "Without Fairway being here, it's been really hard on the businesses that were open."

Mary Dudine Kyle is the co-owner of Dry Dock Wine and Spirits. She says not only has her business suffered, but as a local resident, it's been hard to find groceries since a lot of other supermarkets were also damaged in the storm.

"I had two holiday meals I had to shop for. When I would do it at Fairway it would take 25 to 40 minutes. When I did it without Fairway it was three and a half to four hours."

The Fairway Market will host a day-long celebration to mark its reopening and will be joined by local businesses.