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Eric Holland: Aloha, Sonic Youth!

Eric Holland and his mom (photo courtesy of the author)

Eric Holland and his mom (photo courtesy of the author)


Are your band T-shirts a part of your pandemic work/weekend/constant wardrobe? In our new "Concert TBTee" series every Thursday, we're asking the FUV airstaff to dig through their drawers for the concert and band T-shirts that mean the most to them and why. Our evening host Eric Holland remembers his all-time fave tee:

Here's a picture of my mom and me, taken in the late '90s in front of the house where I lived in the Kaimuki neighborhood of Honolulu.

My mom is wearing a lei so it's possible she had just arrived from the mainland for a visit. I'm sporting a much loved and oft worn Sonic Youth T-shirt that I had bought about nine years earlier during a show on the "Goo" tour at Roseland Ballroom. The woman on the T-shirt is dressed in prison stripes and is holding a pistol with the caption: "We don't like the grub here."

I think that's my all-time favorite shirt that I bought at a show.