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Elevated Home Legislation Helps Sandy Victims

Elevated Home Legislation Helps Sandy Victims
New legislation to provide more oversight for homeowners who plan to elevate their homes after Superstorm Sandy.

The legislation would require contractors to give the Department of Buildings 48 hours notice before elevating a home. It would also require the elevation work be done under the supervision of a special inspector.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn said the legislation aims to educate New Yorkers to build smart.

"It's a complex process and proper measures have to be taken before and during the work to make sure it's done in the safest way possible."

Quinn said the city can learn from places like New Orleans where the rush to elevate homes after Katrina resulted in shoddy work.

"The situation in New York City is not identical to that of New Orleans, but it's relevant," she said, "We want to learn from other places that have dealt with hurricanes and natural disasters."

Council Member Vincent Ignizo, the lead sponsor of the legislation, and Minority Leader James Oddo visited New Orleans last month to learn about the process of elevating homes. 

They found that some homes collapsed during construction and that other homes became uninhabitable. 

The legislation will be introduced at a City Council meeting next Wednesday.