Drenge: 2015

by Eric Holland | 07/23/2015 | 3:51pm

Drenge with Eric Holland at WFUV

The Loveless brothers Eoin (pronounced Owen) and Rory, better known as the hard-rocking Drenge, have a name that sparks associations with grunge. That parallel isn't necessarily incorrect since fans of Soundgarden's sonics might appreciate the sludgy goodness that Drenge has crafted on their second album, Undertow.

Drenge recently visited FUV's Studio A for a session and during our interview, Eoin revealed that the seed of Drenge might have been inspired by the White Stripes' Elephant. That album, released in 2003, was key around Eoin's eleventh birthday when he first received a guitar and suggested to younger brother Rory that he take up the drums. The two siblings battled their adolescent small English village boredom with their instruments.

Now, after some serious time on the road touring behind their self-titled debut, Drenge brings their experience to bear on a second collection of eerie and hard driving songs.

[recorded: 6/11/15]

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