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Doing a 180

Leonard Cohen in 2016 (photo by Adam Cohen, PR)

Leonard Cohen in 2016 (photo by Adam Cohen, PR)


Russ Borris in today for Corny O'Connell. For FUV's Question of the Day, it's all about a change of heart. We all have artists and bands that we really don't really like on first (or second) listen, but have you ever heard a song that completely changed your mind about someone's music?

I wasn't the biggest Leonard Cohen fan at first, but one listen to "So Long, Marianne" changed that forever.  Name the artist and the song that made you do a 180 and alter your opinion. We'll spin a set after 9 this morning.


Here's what I played...

Sleater-Kinney- "Hurry on Home"

Wilco- "Impossible Germany"

Carpenters- "Superstar"

Tom Waits- "Step Right Up"

Beastie Boys- "So What'cha Want"