DMA's: 2015

DMA's with Eric Holland at WFUV

Image Caption: DMA's with Eric Holland at WFUV
by Eric Holland | 08/18/2020 | 5:33pm

Aussie rockers DMA's, who recently released their self-titled EP in the States, are "regulafellas." The guys still have day jobs back in Sydney and are tormented tenants too; they told me how they plan to trash their house above a hairdresser's salon before they move out.  The band, comprised of singer Tommy O'Dell and guitarists  Johnny Took (who played acoustic in this session) and Matt Mason (who played electric), share songwriting duties equally. For our FUV Live session, they were joined by old friends on a second electric and a rhythm section.

The songs were crafty enough to get them signed to a hip label on the strength of their demos. And their EP is a sensation on iTunes too.  Catch a hang with DMA's during this episode of FUV Live.

[recorded: 7/29/15]


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