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Deva Mahal: City Winery 2018

Deva Mahal at City Winery

Deva Mahal at City Winery (photo By Gus Philippas)



Maybe you saw Deva Mahal perform in Carnegie Hall tribute shows to Led Zeppelin or Aretha Franklin, or as part of FUV's SXSW coverage in Austin this year. Perhaps you caught Mahal opening shows for her Dad, bluesman Taj Mahal.

But on FUV Live tonight, it's all about Deva as she sings songs from her debut album, Run Deep, at a concert recorded this summer at New York's City Winery. It's an album that does seek depth, drawing on R&B, roots, and rap with Mahal's strong vocals at the center.

As a live performer, she brings big energy, dance moves, and a tight band to this FUV Live set.


  • Can't Call It Love
  • Snakes
  • Run Deep
  • Dream
  • Shards
  • Fire
  • It's Down To You
  • Optimist
  • Take A Giant Step

[recorded: 7/9/18]