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Deep Cuts

Records (photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Records (photo courtesy of Pixabay)


It's Russ Borris in for the Corndog this Thursday morning. What's a favorite "deep cut" from an artist or band? Whether it's Tom Petty, Joni Mitchell or the Replacements, let's go beyond the hits this morning and rediscover the gems in some of the best catalogs in musical history.

I'll spin a set of your faves after 9 a.m. for the FUV Question of the Day.


Here's what I played...

Stevie Wonder- "I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)"

David Bowie- "Oh! You Pretty Things"

The Pretenders- "Love Colours"

The Cure- "Charlotte Sometimes"

Thanks for playing along!- Russ