Debby Friday (photo by Katrin Braga/PR)


Toronto-based singer and rapper Debby Friday released her debut album, Good Luck, via Sub Pop in March of 2023. The Nigerian-born, Montréal-raised musician, who co-produced her debut album with Graham Walsh (METZ, Holy F***), has released two prior EPs. Those recordings, which included 2018's Bitchpunk, had a hard, dynamic edge — she once described her electronic sound as "thunder." While "So Hard to Tell" isn't quite a furious storm,  it still remains true to Friday's edgy, experimental heart. “I have a lower register and speak with vocal fry so I don’t know what came over me when I made this track," she said in a statement. "I have never in my life sung like this before and I had no idea I could even make these kinds of sounds with my voice. There’s no pitch effects on ‘So Hard to Tell,' it’s all me."

Friday, who uses the pronouns she and they, talked about the multilayered meaning of her music to Loud and Quiet back in 2018. "There is a whole stigma around being an angry queer black woman," she said. "I’m just really tired of it, it’s very un-nuanced. The energy I have in my music is about not being afraid to embody that confrontation.”

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