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David Crosby: 2015

David Crosby and Dennis Elsas

David Crosby and Dennis Elsas



I sat down with David Crosby in early May 2015 during the final week of a spring tour with long-time bandmates Stephen Stills and Graham Nash.  He was preparing to go out on a strictly solo tour with “no band,” as he explained to me. It would be just him and his guitar without the “safety net” of CSN. I had just seen Crosby Stills and Nash (CSN) a few nights earlier at a beautiful venue, the recently restored Kings Theatre in Brooklyn.  The group was in top form, and the audience totally engaged. David was very enthusiastic about how it had all unfolded.

We had a great conversation touching on a myriad of subjects including the legacy of CSN and their fans, the recent controversy centered on David’s criticism of long time bandmate Neil Young’s girlfriend, his positive feelings about his time in The Byrds and his relationship with Roger McGuinn, and how pleased he was with his most recent solo album Croz. He was even quite open about giving up pot (at least for the time being) to meet the challenge of writing more new songs over the last few months as “the creative muse” was consistently paying him a visit.

David Crosby will be appearing this Saturday as part of the Clearwater Festival and at Town Hall next Thursday, June 25, for a show he promises will be very special. You can hear an extended excerpt from my conversation with David anytime here and tonight at 9 on FUV Live.

[recorded: 5/18/15]