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Cuomo Re-elected to a Second Term

Cuomo Re-elected to a Second Term
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Democrats hold on to all statewide offices
Promising to take the state higher than ever before, Andrew Cuomo's been re-elected to a second term as Governor of New York. The Democrat was widely expected to cruise to victory as Cuomo outspent Republican challenger Rob Astorino nearly 10 to 1. In Manhattan last night, Cuomo talked of a unified New York.
"We are at the end of the day, upstate and downstate, but we are one state. We are gay and we are straight, but we are one state. We are black and White and brown, but we are one state!"
The governor talked up plans for his second term.
"We're going to attack property taxes that are strangling New York homeowners," he said, "and we will not stop until our education system is the best in the nation because our children don't deserve second best."
Cuomo also referenced plans to raise the minimum wage and to expand public financing for elections.
The Democrats held on to the other statewide seats as well, with Eric Schneiderman remaining Attorney General and Tom DiNapoli staying on as Comptroller.
There will be one change, though. Cuomo will no longer be joined by Lt. Governor Bob Duffy in Albany. Former Democratic congresswoman Kathy Hochul will serve as the state's second-in-command.