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Cowboy Junkies: 2018

John Platt with Cowboy Junkies (photo by Joanna LaPorte/WFUV)

John Platt with Cowboy Junkies (photo by Joanna LaPorte/WFUV)



Thirty years after their breakthrough, The Trinity Session, the Canadian band Cowboy Junkies is back with a new album called All That Reckoning. These songs resonate with the tenor of the times as much as anything I've heard this year, with Michael Timmins' words intricately speaking to both the personal and political. And as always, Margo Timmins expresses those lyrics and melodies with a haunting intensity.

In Studio A, the siblings were joined by bandmate Jeff Bird on mandolin for acoustic performances of "Shining Teeth" and the album's title track. I also had the chance to ask Margo and Michael about the impact of Lou Reed and Townes Van Zandt, which led to some amazing stories about their celebrated cover of "Sweet Jane" and the artistic lessons learned from touring with Townes.

[Recorded: 7/23/18]