Community Spirit Blooms in Brooklyn

Image Caption: Community Spirit Blooms in Brooklyn
by Chris Williams | 04/29/2015 | 4:16pm

A Brooklyn block is being celebrated for its greenery and community spirit.

 Lincoln Road between Bedford and Rogers Avenues is the winner of the Greenest Block in Brooklyn Contest. While the trees and flowers keep the block looking nice, the judges said the community spirit of the residents set the block a part from other contestants.

 Lauren Uram has lived on the block for 13 years.

"There's quite a few elderly people on the block so everyone pitches in and helps. It's really quite wonderful."

Brooklyn Bourough President Marty Markowitz was on hand to congratulate the block's residents on their achievments. He was joined by several other community leaders. 
Marilyn Gelber, President of the Brooklyn Community Foundation, says Brooklyn is about people with ideas and ambitions, just like the people on this block. 
"You look at this block, it has newcomers, people who have lived here for more than 40 years and they've all come together single spirit, single goal to make this block the most beautiful in Brooklyn."
Assemblyman Karim Camara represents the block's district. He says there's more to the block than the plants.
"It's not just about the greenery," he says, "It's about building community coalitions."
Melissa Lovell says she's happy that her child can grow up in a place like this.
"It's nice to be in the city with all the advantages of that but you have the disadvantage of not having access to the Earth and plants, and green beautiful growing things. I think it's nice to connect those things for city kids."
The contest is managed by the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and also includes prizes for best commercial block and best window box. 

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