Cityscape: NYC Band Sings to Raise Animal Awareness

Image Caption: NYC Band Sings to Raise Animal Awareness
by George Bodarky, Julie Clark | 04/29/2015 | 4:16pm

Band was founded by NYC veterinarian.

Inspired by the furry friends they work with every day, the New York City-based band Pet-Rox is made up of pet professionals of all stripes.

The group was founded by a veterinarian, but also includes a cat rescuer and a whole host of others in the animal welfare community.  Pet-Rox has just completed their first album called Just Sniffing Around.

The group’s founder, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Doctor Jeffery Levy, as well as two members of the band, Jackie Krim and Leslie Hughs, recently joined us in WFUV’s very own studio A.


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