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Cityscape: From Broadway Publicist to Prisoners'...

From Broadway Publicist to Prisoners' Rights Advocate
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Fortune Society founder talks about his new memoir.

How does one go from rubbing elbows with likes of Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor to finding themselves in the midst of the Attica Prison riot in 1971? 

Our guest on this edition of Cityscape is David Rothenberg.  Rothenberg is the founder of the Fortune Society, an organization that helps ex-convicts get their lives back on track. He launched the Fortune Society in 1967, but before that he was a press agent for some of the most successful Broadway productions of the 20th century, including Richard Burton’s Hamlet and Hair. So what lured him away from the bright lights of Broadway to a life of helping people leaving the dark world of prison?  Rothenberg joins us to talk about his new book Fortune in My Eyes:  A Memoir of Broadway Glamour, Social Justice and Political Passion.