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City Council Announces Package of Post-Sandy Legislation

City Council Announces Package of Post-Sandy Legislation
The City Council is pushing 10 bills that would improve the city's emergency preparedness and response.
The New York City Council has announced a package of legislation Wednesday to make sure the city is better prepared for future storms like Sandy.

The bills would require that the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management address and fix food, shelter, and transportation problems that occurred during and after last year's storm.
One would implement a plan for better food and water access. The Administration would be required to develop and implement a plan defining the roles of those distributing food and water, and ensuring the public has knowledge of where they can find these resources.
Another would address issues of housing and emergency shelters. The Office of Emergency Management would be required to anticipate the operation of emergency shelters whether they need to be open for short, medium, or long-term stays. The shelters would also need to be well equipped with the proper supplies.
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said the ten bills would build on the recovery's successes as well as the areas that need improvement. "It's going to make sure that the most vulnerable do not get forgotten or left behind, that we can get to them quickly, get them what they need quickly; and, keep them in contact with their family and their medical information, which they desperately need," Quinn said.
This includes protecting the city's most vulnerable, preparing alternative transportation options, and improving community and small business recovery. In addition, the Office of Emergency Management would be required to regularly review their plans and make appropriate adustments, if necessary. "Our goal here is to move forward and get to a better place of preparedness so we can do a better job supporting and protecting our city and New Yorkers in times of need", Quinn said.
Hearings on the bills are scheduled for June 18th.