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Building Scheduled for Demolition on Governors Island

The largest non-historical building is scheduled to implode this weekend.

The Trust for Governors Island plans to demolish the landmark's oldest non-historic building Sunday at 7:36AM.  The scheduled implosion will make way for the new park that has been in the works since May of 2012.  Officials say the early blast will not cause major disturbances, but curious onlookers can watch from Battery Park or the Staten Island Ferry.

Trust for Governors Island plans

The new plans for the old base include space for public parks and historical monuments.  Governors Island was a military base for almost two centuries, home to US Army troops from 1812 to 1966, when it was transfered to the Coast Guard.  Building 877 used to house Coast Guard members and their families.  In 1995, the Coast Guard closed its facilities, and municipalities and advocacy groups have been trying to preserve the island ever since.  Governors Island is now technically a part of the borough of Manhattan, and plans for the reporposing are well underway.  Learn more at

(Above: recently demolished building 866 - via

"The statue of liberty is of course the symbol of our city and the best view of the statue of liberty is from governors island and the last building blocking that view from the future park is Building 877, so we're going to be happy to see it come down and we're proud to make it as public as we possibly can so everyone can enjoy..." - President of the Trust of Governors Island, Leslie Koch.