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Buffalo Tom: 2018

Buffalo Tom with Eric Holland (photo by Marley Maginnis)

Buffalo Tom with Eric Holland (photo by Marley Maginnis)



With roots in Huntington, Long Island and Medfield, Massachusetts, the trio of Bill Janovitz, Chris Colburn and Tom Maginnis formed as Buffalo Tom in 1987 at UMass Amherst. The band earned a reputation as one Boston's most essential rock outfits of the '90s. Buffalo Tom has never sounded like anyone but themselves and the trio has never sounded better than they do on their new ninth album, Quiet and Peace, the group's first release in seven years.

When it proved difficult to schedule a date for Buffalo Tom to visit our Bronx studios, I volunteered to take the show on the road visit the fellas at The Bridge Sound and Stage in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They treated us to two new songs and a favorite that's one of the oldest in the band's catalog.

[recorded: 2/23/18]