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Bronze Animals Hit Manhattan

Katie Fisher, WFUV


A public art exhibit is adding some nature to the busy street of Manhattan.

Elephants, crows, and apples are stationed along Broadway in Manhattan as part of a new public art exhibit.  The installation contains a series of colorful animal and fruit sculptures at nearly 20 sites from Midtown to the Upper West Side. 

"You can suggest a lot of human qualities through animals," said Peter Woytuk, the artist behind the project.  "I think that plays a bigger role in the success of using an animal because people can relate to it very quickly."

Paul Robinson, who works in Manhattan, said the sculptures, including giant bronze elephants, caught his eye.

"When you have an unusual piece of art in a public place like this it's very nice," said Robinson.  "It adds a lot because it contributes to the overall artistic milieu of the city."

The exhibit also includes a cell phone walking tour describing the works.  It will be on display along Broadway between Columbus Circle and 168th Street through April.