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Bronx Residents Brave Today's Record Low Temperatures

Bronx Residents Brave Today's Record Low Temperatures
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Weather reports advised people to stay inside to escape the cold, but some people didn't have that option.

Fordham Road was missing its usual large crowds this morning.  The few people standing on the street were heavily bundled, most of them standing at bus stops. 

Bronx residents Niesha Reda and Rebecca Alvarez were both waiting for the Bx 9 bus. Reda was on her way to Target, where she works.  She says there's no warmer route for her to take.

"Yeah, I normally come this way to work, so it's not bad.  But if the bus don't hurry up, I'm going to be frozen!"

She had been waiting just a few minutes for the bus, which is about at long as one could stand in today's bitter cold.  The city's Office of Emergency Management warned residents too much exposure outside could cause hypothermia or frostbite.   Alvarez said even her extra layers could not protect her from the numbing wind.

"It's really cold - I can't feel my face!  I have on like three pants, two socks, and two gloves."

Forecasters predict temperatures will stay just above the single digits through the night, with things warming up a bit tomorrow.