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Bratton Promises Safety for Ramadan

New York City mosque

Bratton Promises Safety for Ramadan [Photo: Eden, Janine and Jim, Flickr]


Ramadan begins next Wednesday, and the NYPD's stepping up police presence so the city's Muslims can observe their holy month in peace.

"We're reviewing the security measures that we'll take to protect worshippers," Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said. These measures include "increased foot patrols around mosques, special house of worship cars to patrol certain areas, and additional plainclothes anti-crime units to help deter burglaries."

Muslims make up nearly an eighth of New York City's population, and since 9/11 have faced varying degrees of discrimination. Along with upping security for Ramadan, Bratton says the NYPD is trying to make the city more inclusive for Muslims.

He says he hopes a closer relationship among the NYPD, the Muslim community, and the city at large lessens tensions.

"We all have the ability to live together, and to live together peacefully," he said. "But to do that we have a shared responsibility to work together to ensure that safety."

Bratton says the NYPD's holding workshops to educate officers about the Muslim faith. He also says the force is trying to increase the number of Muslim police officers.