Bob Mould - FUV Live - 2014

Bob Mould, Jon Wurster and Jason Narducy, photo by Deirdre Hynes
by Russ Borris | 07/01/2014 | 9:19am

Hear an FUV Live session with Bob Mould tonight at 9.

Bon Mould is considered one of the most influential songwriters of the past few decades, and the music he made with with Hüsker Dü and Sugar inspired bands like The Pixies and Nirvana. On June 3rd of this year, Mould returned with his 10th solo album, Beauty & Ruin, and the energetic yet melancholy songs feature universal subject matter from loss to acceptance. Mould recently stopped by Studio A to play some of the new material, and he spoke with me about his songwriting process and his methods of maintaining longevity in the music business.

[recorded: 06/09/14]

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