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Bob Hurley's Biggest Game

Photo courtesy of St. Anthony High School


This audio feature aired on the 3/25 edition of One on One: New York's Longest Running Sports Call in Show.

Bob Hurley Sr. needs no introduction if you are from the Garden State.  For 44 years, he has been a staple of the New Jersey sports scene.  He has coached St. Anthony High School to 28 state Championships, four national titles, and has produced a plethora of college and NBA talent.  All throughout, he has done things the right way, not resorting to unethical recruiting tactics or teaching selfish basketball, but instead preaching team first, defense oriented basketball.  He has graduated all of his players but two in 44 years, and preaches not only the right way of playing, but of living as well.

His biggest challenge however is not taking place on a court, but in the world of finance, for St. Anthony is currently fighting to stay afloat.  They need roughly $500,000 to survive by April 5, or this legendary school could go under.  This would be the same fate that many inner city Catholic schools have suffered over the years, for the mission of educating everyone regardless of income comes at a price. 
WFUV Sports' James Corrigan takes a closer look at the plight of St Anthony High School, and why this story is bigger than just basketball.  This is Bob Hurley's Biggest Game.