Bike Tower Coming to Fordham Road

Image Caption: Bike Tower Coming to Fordham Road
by Diego Siler-Gonzales | 04/29/2015 | 4:16pm

Chris Marche and the Fordham Road BID are teaming up again to bring in another piece of street art into the neighborhood.

One man's junk is another man's treasure. That saying rings true for Bronx artist Chris Marche.

Last year Marche erected a ten foot sculpture titled 'Silver' on Fordham Road. It consisted of found objects, such as an old manequin and a disassembed type writer,  that were welded together and spray painted silver. 

Going through his assortment of rusted treasures he said, "hooks, wire cables, wheels, and I have an extensive collection of this stuff now." But after seeing his studio there is much more than just wires and hooks. Marche spares no source for bringing in these materials, from the body shop behind his apartment building to anything he can find on the side of the road. Anything is fair game.

Later this year Fordham Road will receive another one of Marche's works, this one titled "Bike Tower". A trained welder and machinist, Marche is planning on welding together 100 bicycles into a ten foot sculpture for the nieghborhood.

After the success and positive reception of his last contribution to the neighborhood, the Fordham Road Business Improvement District saw the initial sketches for "Bike Tower" and as Marche puts it, "fell in love with it so all systems are go and will be on Fordham road very soon."

At the moment  Marche is promoting a kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project. The goal for the campaign is to raise $10,400 in the next week. The Fordham Rd. BID backed up its support with a contribution of $2,000 right away. You can learn more about Chris Marche and "Bike Tower" at


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