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Best Coast: SXSW 2015



The euphoric Los Angeles pop of Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno has always been as sun-drenched as summertime. But for the duo's third album, California Nights, self-described insomniac Cosentino has twilight and late night on her mind, finding inspiration in what happens in the City of Angels after the sun sets. Best Coast won't release this new album, the pair's first for a major label, until May 5 so their SXSW set at Public Radio Rocks on March 20 was the first live unveiling of many of these new songs, like California Nights' sensual and majestic title track.

Part of WFUV's SXSW 2015 showcase, Public Radio Rocks, Friday, March 20, from 1pm-7pm EDT with Courtney Barnett, Gang of Four, Twin Shadow, Best Coast, Ryan Bingham and Madisen Ward and Mama Bear.

Set List:
1. Last Year
2. Heaven Sent
3. When I'm With You
4. Crazy For You
5. California Nights
6. The Only Place
7. Our Deal
8. Goodbye
9. Feeling OK
10. Honey
11. Do You Love Me
12. Boyfriend

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