Best Coast: 2015

Best Coast with Eric Holland
by Eric Holland | 05/12/2015 | 7:50pm

Best Coast with Eric Holland

In her Oasis t-shirt and Raiders jacket, Beth Cosentino looked comfortable during her visit to WFUV.  We had spoken recently in Austin so I'd like to think that a certain amount of trust had been established between us, which made our conversation comfortable as well. I was curious about her musical relationship with guitarist Bobb Bruno and how they created the wonderfully well-crafted songs on the new album California Nights.  Beth was candid and illuminating with details on inspiration for the songs and nuts and bolts of recording.
A strange thing happened during the session. Dennis was playing "California Nights" (the title track) on the air at the same time the band were playing it live in Studio A, and it was amazing how Best Coast rose to the standard set on the album in one take.  One of the most interesting moments in the interview was when Beth confessed to holding back as a singer for a while.  She's not holding back any more. Her voice soars in this FUV Live session that is required listening for Best Coast fans.
[recorded: 4/23/15]

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