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Apex Manor's SXSW Blog

Apex Manor's Adam Vine and Ross Flournoy

Apex Manor's Adam Vine and Ross Flournoy


Apex Manor, founded by former Broken West frontman Ross Flournoy, survived SXSW this past week with dignity (sort of) intact and claiming a fresh batch of new fans, turned onto the band's slyly-named debut album, The Year of Magical Drinking, out now on Merge. The Alternate Side asked the guys if they'd keep a blog of their Austin triumphs and travails and keyboardist Adam Vine happily complied. Apex Manor play New York's Bowery Ballroom tonight, March 22, opening for Noah and the Whale, and Mercury Lounge on March 26.

Can't help but feel the festival is an instrument you have to learn how to play. A South Asian kinda thing with more strings than there are notes, but luckily every chord sounds all right.

But that could be the hangover talking. Or the queso. One moment you're on stage, covering Fleetwood Mac with a borrowed melodica in your hands, and the next you're in a private karaoke room, singing a different Fleetwood Mac song.

Next thing you know, you're riding shotgun in a limo with a driver named Cedric who wants you to play out in the Hill Country. The live oaks alone would be worth it, but you know it's never gonna happen.

Still you say maybe next year. And despite Cedric's best intentions to be there for you the next time you need a ride, you inevitably end up walking across the Congress Bridge, smelling the bats, and wondering if they're the ones who called in the noise complaints. They do have sensitive ears, you know.

But it's on to the after party, on to the secret show, on to the hotel, where all the brilliant snippets you've overheard will fade into your pillow. Where they will wait for you to return next year. Hopefully you remember which hotel you stayed at.

- Adam Vine
Apex Manor