Albert Hammond Jr.: 2015

Image Caption: Albert Hammond Jr. with band and Eric Holland at WFUV
by Eric Holland | 08/18/2020 | 5:33pm

To understand Albert Hammnd Jr., you have to read between the lines.  He’s not going to spell things out with his lyrics or his remarks in conversation.  It’s been 14 years since The Strokes’ initial recordings made them the most acclaimed New York City rock band since, well, The Velvet Underground.  

The Strokes are still extant, but at the moment Hammond is looking to establish himself as a bona fide solo artist and he's made a convincing case with his new album, Momentary Masters.  In this FUV Live session, Hammond leads his band, including a pair of other guitarists as well as a rhythm section, through a tight, focused session in FUV's Studio A. 

He also offered some insight into his music and himself ... without giving too much away.

[recorded: 8/13/154]

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