2017 NFL Draft QB Evaluation

#7  Patrick Mahomes II

(AP Photo: Gregory Payan)


School: Texas Tech                                   

Year: Junior           

Height: 6'2                                      

Weight: 225 lb


Let's start off with my seventh best QB in this year’s class, Patrick Mahomes II. Mahomes has an amazing work ethic as well as a cannon for an arm, but in my opinion, he has struggled to develop the necessary footwork and throwing mechanics that are needed to succeed at the next level. Keep in mind too that Mahomes also played in Texas Tech’s “Air-Raid” offense, a system that is notorious for inflating its quarterback’s stats.

Don’t get me wrong, Mahomes has arguably the most exciting play style in this year’s QB draft class, but I’m just warning you not to mistake exciting with exceptional. Remember, Tim Tebow was also “exciting” in college and look where he is now (Mets minor league baseball, pretending to be a professional baseball player).

While I’m not saying Mahomes will be an NFL bust, I don’t see him being anything more than a high level backup.

QBMahomes Chart.png


#6 Deshaun Watson

(AP Photo: Gregory Payan)


School: Clemson                                             

Year: Junior (Redshirt)  

Height: 6'2                                 

Weight: 221 lbs


Deshaun Watson will always be remembered as the electrifying college quarterback who threw the game winning touchdown in the 2017 National Championship Game. However, now the multi-million dollar question is….how will Watson be remembered as an NFL QB?

I find Watson to be an interesting pro prospect. He is by far the most mature, charismatic and mentally tough QB available. Watson is also an outstanding athlete for his position as well as a quarterback whose play elevates as the stage does.

All of that being said, I have seen significant flaws in his throwing mechanics and progression reads. Also, while his running ability made him a duel threat in college, I don’t think he is a skilled enough runner for it to be a weapon in the NFL. Thus, Watson will need to rely on the weakest aspect of his game, his ability to stand and deliver passes from inside the pocket. I think Watson will have a decent pro career, but I don’t expect it to be nearly as exceptional as his collegiate one.



#5 Davis Webb

(AP Photo: David J. Phillip)


School: California                            

Year:  Senior     

Height: 6'5

Weight: 229 lbs


I know what you’re thinking, “Oh No! Not another Cal QB who needs to learn how to run a pro style offense!” But before you label him as a future backup for the Cleveland Browns, just hear me out. Even though Webb seems eerily similar to his predecessor, Jared Goff, believe me when I say he is definitely a more talented quarterback.

Webb has a shockingly strong arm, a smooth high release and possesses an impressive football IQ. While his footwork, field vision, deep throw accuracy and pocket mobility will need to improve, Webb is still a good enough quarterback that he is worth taking a chance on.



#4 Brad Kaaya

(AP Photo: Michael Conroy)


School: Miami (FL)                          

Year: Junior   

Height: 6'4

Weight: 214 lbs


Most scouts are not expecting much from University of Miami (FL) quarterback Brad Kaaya, and I can understand why some may feel that way. At first look, I noticed Kaaya struggles with sideline passes and that he must also improve his ability to throw to open receivers, two qualities that a NFL QB needs to be proficient at. However, Kaaya has everything you could want in an NFL quarterback. He is tall with giant hands, has impressive footwork, throws a tight spiral and is one of the only incoming rookies with extensive experience running an offense from under center. Kaaya is also the University of Miami’s all-time passing leader and has proven to still have plenty of room to develop into an even better QB.

Kaaya is far from being a guaranteed starting NFL QB, but if given time and the proper coaching, I think Kaaya could one day become a NFL franchise QB.


#3 DeShone Kizer

(AP Photo: Gregory Payan)


School: Notre Dame                         

Year: Sophomore (Redshirt)            

Height: 6'4

Weight: 233 lbs


Where to start with Kizer... He is a prospect that I believe has just a good of a chance to be an elite NFL QB as he does to be unemployed in two years. It’s that uncertainty that also leads me to believe he will be taken later in the draft than maybe he should be. However, Kizer has all of the attributes that one looks for when searching for their franchise’s next quarterback.

While I believe Kizer has proven to have the talent of a great NFL QB, he has yet to show me he is ready to lead a lockeroom full of NFL egos. I haven’t seen Kizer deal with enough in season adversity to be able to confidently say that he will be able to handle the ups and downs of an NFL season. Kizer also tends to struggle to get the ball to his second and third options (when his first isn’t available), a quality that could make him a turnover machine if not immediately corrected.

Kizer is the most physically impressive quarterback in this year’s draft. Very few QBs at Kizer’s size move as effortlessly in and outside the pocket as he does. Kizer can also make any throw asked of him and has enough arm strength to deliver accurate passes in even the windiest of environments. While Kizer is able to make plays with his feet, his real strength is his ability to deliver strikes from within the pocket. Simply put, Kizer is a special QB prospect and is someone whose career I am intrigued to see play out.


#2 Mitch Trubisky

(AP Photo: David J. Phillip)


School: North Carolina                    

Year: Junior                                   

Height: 6'2

Weight: 222 lbs


What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about this guy? In my opinion Trubisky is the most “NFL Ready” QB available and is the only prospect that could be serviceable as an immediate starter.

Trubisky excels in both throwing the ball and handling a pre-snap offense. His exceptional footwork combined with a quick release allow him to deliver accurate passes from within the pocket, even when it breaks down.       However, he will need to stop throwing off of his back foot and train himself to consistently step into each of his throws, especially when looking deep, as his balls tend to float in the air. Trubisky will also have to figure out how to be less rigid as he seems easily flustered when plays break down.

All of that being said, I expect all of these problems can be corrected. If he is able to do just that, expect Trubisky to have a long career in the National Football League.


#1 Nathan Peterman

(AP Photo: David J. Phillip)


School: Pittsburgh                              

Year: Senior (Redshirt)                    

Height: 6'2

Weight: 226 lbs


The more tape I watch of this guy, the more I’m convinced that Nathan Peterman is the best quarterback in this year’s draft class. Do not sleep on this guy! Everything about him tells me that he could end up being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

First off, Peterman throws a beautiful ball and is already adept at running a pro style offense. He is also surprisingly mobile, has efficient footwork and is able to throw on the run almost as well as in the pocket. While many criticize Peterman for a lack of arm strength, I believe his accuracy more than makes up for it.

Though, for as much as I love Peterman, I do also see some flaws in his game. Peterman will need to improve on throwing deep balls as he does have a tendency to underthrow his receivers. He also needs to be able to recognize when a play is dead, instead of playing what many call “Hero Ball.”

While injuries early in Peterman’s career caused him to fall off of many people’s radars, what he has shown recently tells me that he has all of the makings of an elite NFL quarterback. Even though Peterman won’t be the first QB taken this year, I am confident that he will end up being the first name people mention when they refer to the 2017 quarterback class.



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